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French kissing: how to kiss?
Experience, flirting, first date, first kiss ... this is certainly growing, most novels. First, it is innocent kiss when meeting and parting, then a real sensual kiss, then kisses gentle, warm, passionate, exciting, erotic, infinite. Kiss - is not a simple expression of feelings, is an inexhaustible source of new pleasures, helping to establish more solid connection between lovers.

                 A bit of history

Modern man takes the kiss as something quite natural and absolute, but usually we kiss in the usual sense is not known in the traditional culture of many nations in Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Amazon Indians would have been shocked candor kiss on the lips. The island has not yet tsiluyutsya Points, but only lightly touch people. In Tahiti dance and noses rubbing covers. Inuit itch cheeks and dotorkuyutsya each other tongues. African nations say kiss violation of personal hygiene. Manifestation of feelings expressed in their handshake. Man shows his love, clutching his beloved thumb. And some African nations kiss prohibited by religious reasons. They believe that a kiss can take a shower.

Despite this, the history of kiss old as the world. Various erotic images that come to us from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece, and especially India, kisses abound in the most intricate postures. The ancients thought that in this way, "sniffed" friend in the second part of his loving heart.

In regard to the mythological kiss symbolizes the merger of human souls

     Very romantic theory of Plato. In its filing, the person originally had the form of bullets, four legs and four hands, connecting a male and half female. But this creature was so arrogantly, that led to the anger of Zeus himself, and was divided in two. Only kiss the parts vozz'yednuyutsya and find harmony.

The most perfect kiss

     There are many options for a kiss. In the famous book about the art of love - Kama Sutra - Kissing the mouth divided into several types. Just kissing lips called NYMTA. Kisses from the use of fingers - AVAHAKUMNBANA. Kisses from the use of language - SAMAYANA. Kissing Game - YUDHA. We use one or another type of kiss, depending on the specific situation and partner. However, statistics on one of the most popular is the French kiss.

The term "French kiss" came in the Russian language as an element of French culture that has always been considered most closely related to the theme of love. French kiss always implies contact tongues partners. Sometimes both are the tongue, sometimes - only one. Not necessarily always a partner to explore the mouth his tongue. When you kiss in French languages, partners should at least once, for a second touch each other.

It was the scene of the French kiss heroes movie or a detailed description of a kiss in the book makes our heart to feel stronger and light violation. In addition, the French kiss allows us to understand - whether it is suitable partner for serious relationships. Only a French kiss to "feel" partner - the sincerity of his relations, the degree of violation.

     In France this is called the kiss "kiss shower, thus expressing the highest degree of unification of two loving hearts to kiss

     But this does not mean that everything should kiss only in French. Some people do not perceive the french kissing. Of course, this matter of taste, but should not put a cross on such a good lesson. Please try again with another partner that can actually reveal to you all the charm of this magical kiss. Over time.

To learn how to kiss properly?

      Clean out all begin with different kisses his lips, when the slightly open mouth. When partners nasolodyatsya tenderness to each other, it can slightly posmoktaty her upper lip, while she pokusuye his lower lip. When you have expended and is fun, try the more open mouth and tongue itself penetrate towards the other tongue. If the girl still does not meet the partner and not feel her tongue should wait a bit and try again after some time, pointing to another kiss or kissing her neck, face, mochku soup.

When finally your tongues meet, do not be surprised if you feel that pressure rebounded, hands were wet, but the heart of Dress zakolotylosya. You feel like your soul connected to one, while the tip of the tongue you play with her tongue. There's no need to hurry - all just beginning. Here is already a full flight of your imagination!

   To kiss out exciting and enjoyable for both partners is important - put him in his life and love

Technology kiss in French says: infiltrates in her mouth, touch her tongue to tongue, pohladte his tip of his tongue at the top and bottom, wake tongue teeth, gums, tongue play with it, it quickly by clicking on the tip of the tongue. Start with light torkan the tip of the tongue, sometimes a simple touch makes a huge pleasure. And you can rub tongues, and prysmoktuvaty pokusuvaty them ... all you want. Tongue - very lively body of the human body with multiple receptors, they can create miracles. Here the main thing - creativity and surprise.

The force with which you "upyvayetesya in lips partner, tongue movements and games depending on your degree of closeness and passion incandescences. Changing the leader in language games, watch a French kiss with the other options - turn passionate kisses with closed lips, with kisses and posmoktuvannyam pokusuvannyam lips, vacuum kiss, tongues playing without touch the lips ... There are an infinite number of possibilities. And if you add this postohnuvannya on sheptannya tender or passionate words, and other pleasant caress, the partners will get the thrill and most will not notice how naturally they will reach a whole new stage of relations.

Do not forget the kisses and love during the occupation! French Kissing helps to be closer to each other, kiss you to understand that, why would you want out. Yes, prysmoktuyuchy language partner, a woman can tell him you want her rhythm. And exciting games tongues help to move to other more intimate caress.

What to do with his hands during the French kiss?

      Anything: water them along the back of your partner or partner, gently pohladzhuyte Hair, taking the hair with your fingers, hold them gently on the face, take on the chin and turn it into an easy person to kiss direction, embracing for the shoulders, neck, hands opovyyte, holding each other hands.

 Can enhance the pleasure of a kiss in French in any flavor?

       Sure. Before the kiss drink iced tea or something else that has a pleasant taste, your dancer will feel it when you start kissing in French. Then comes her turn to something to drink, that you too have felt a pleasant taste. You can experiment with different kinds of ice cream, it gives you a pleasant feeling of intoxicating freshness

Why should not I do the French kiss?

                  Too much push the tongue. Some guys are so far drew his tongue, if want to stop up the dam that broke. Girls often find it vulgar and unpleasant. In addition, it prevents just breathe!
                  Concede too abundant salivation. Try to learn to curb the flow of saliva to keep your partner to choke. Better to swallow their own saliva approximately once per minute during a French kiss.
                  Pet a hungry fish. Some so zealously trying to show their passion for running your mouth like a fish, zakovtuvaty. It looks stupid and may cause laughter or irritation.
                  Cycles only in the French kiss. However this was not a perfect kiss, you can not kiss only in French. Any couple can utomytysya from regular kisses with his tongue. Often a girl wants to feel tenderness and tremtlyvist from which it elected to put it. And then better prefer more cleanly kiss some lips.
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